Bacterial Vaginosis And You

So you’re a hot 2014 girl.  You don’t take shit from men and you especially don’t let them dictate what you wear, think or feel.  Good for you!  Now you’re being independent going out 3 nights a week and trying to pretend that you haven’t slept with almost 50 guys off of tinder in the last fiscal quarter alone but the one thing you can’t stop pretending is the fact that your vagina itches.  It itches a lot more than it used to after your 3 hour softball practices when you definitely, positively weren’t a “lesbian”.  It was just a phase right?  But even back in your totally-not-a-lesbian phase, you still don’t remember a time that you felt this uncomfortable with your genitals.  You realize that you need to do something so obviously the first place you turn to is and tumblr.  How many tumblr whores are blogging about the strange itching sensation that you’re feeling?  Way too many to find any actual information other than the mindless, soulless, whining that almost every single post ever written on tumblr has in common with each other.  After browsing through webmd with your pocket dictionary & thesaurus open you finally realize what you have: bacterial vaginosis.

For a second you giggle about the name and let it rattle around your empty little brain a few times.  “Bacterial vaginosis” you say to yourself.  How in the hell did I end up  with this?  You know you should have gotten the std testing at in san diego  Well, despite the fact that you probably got it from the gas station attendant who found you on twitter, you can at least take a little bit of a breath when you realize that BV is the most common disease among women ages  15-45.  Phew.  So then you’re wondering how it spread, how it came from wherever it was and ended up inside your vagina.  What’s this?  We don’t know where it comes from or how it spreads?  That sucks.  But what we do know is that BV is a result of an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria found in your body and more specifically, your vagina.  We also know that when you bring in a lot of new sexual partners into you life the act of cleaning or douching can alter the delicate balance of bacteria you already have in your body.  Switching from partner to partner frequently does not give your body time to adequately adjust to the “foreign objects” that are relentless banging on the door (and you are relentlessly letting them in).  You cry a little bit; your mom cries a little bit.  Your little brother laughs at you and calls you a skank, and deep down inside you know its true.

std testing for bacterial vaginosis

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Well now that you have it you might be wondering what you’re going to do with it.  Your usual tendency is to hoard things for way too long until you end up cramming them into the back of your closet or under your bed, but you think that maybe this time you might actually want to get rid of something for a change.  Lucky for you, as long as you see a doctor and try to tone the rampant sexual intercourse down a little bit you should be able to get rid of the symptoms within a few months.